Biodynamic Training Method by SEPA
- professional training method wich is 100% personalizated and focused to multi-race schedule -  


„According to the method we see the athletes and people as an active energy system. This energy system (the athlete) is constantly influenced by the surrounding energy systems. „

Biodynamic Training Method opens up a new chapter in the theory of load and preparation of professional athletes, and it has proven itself by laboratory and human researches and experiments these.

BTM is an integrated science, represent the union of the Western training theory sciences and the holistic understanding and view of nature of the Eastern World. 

Because the body and mind forms one single entity with the universe that surrounds it and with its energies, we have to consider and work with it as part  of this unity. 

Everything that you put into your system (what you consume, training,

think, and do) has an impact on the quality of your life, the health of your body and your race results.

According to the Biodynamic Training Method’s Theory of Load , is not possible to optimally train the body with only traditional training methods. 


BTM’s Theory of Load: 

The body can be loaded, when the surrounding environment’s energy system makes this possible and it stays in harmony with the body’s energy system. 

This is the only way to avoid, over training, injuries and to achieve the highest maximal performance. 

I had received 2 Master degrees as a PE Teacher and High Quality Trainer, and Physiotherapist at the Hungarian University of Sport Sciences in 1991.
After many decades of scientific researches and studies, I've created a new training method.

This is the Biodynamic Training Method.
I focused my attention and my professional work to performance improvement of strength and endurance and special regeneration and rehabilitation techniques applied to elite high performance and amateur athletes.
Biodynamic Training Method has defined itself as the result of an intense scientific research that I’ve been conducting for the past 25 years.

This new method has born from a new physiological approach of load on training which can revolutionise the till now used training methodologies. A new direction in high-performance sport and recreational activities.

BTM teaches you how to use your energy in the best way and guarantees outstanding performance improvements in competitions and everyday life.

The Biodynamic Training Method is an integrated science with cronobiology, used together and combines the following knowledge:


  • - High-level western training theory

  • - Oriental knowledge (knowledge of Chinese and Ayurvedic, and energy systems)

  • - Anthroposophical approach to human and performance

  • - Impact of lunar cycles on humans and performance

  • - Earth's gravitational effects on man and performance

  • - The use of advanced electromagnetic resonance based instruments, both in training and in the recovery cycle

Biodynamic Training Method determines the load, accordingly to the combination of the above listed aspects.
According to the method we look at an athlete and people as an active energy system.
This energy system (the athlete) is constantly influenced by the surrounding energy systems.
The human body, acts like a sponge, absorbs, and took everything that surrounds him. (Different vibrations, food, drink, exercise quantity and quality)

If we want to see high-performance, in any case, these effects have to be taken into consideration.
After the theoretical research, and partial tests, some years ago, we started the global practical work, and physical tests. In the past  years we have been taking care of the best international Stand Up Paddle riders of the world, systematically working on their complete yearly training and organisation of high performance training camps for their seasonal preparation.


Positive experiences for the athletes:


  • We teach to the athletes how to train in the most professional way

  • We take attention the strong and the weak points of each competitor, which helps the preparation and training for the whole season

  • To everyone do receives a solid basement on which they can continue to build

  • We help to percept and understand the signals of the body in order the improve its functionalities


"This is probably the key secret to having had such large performance boosts throughout our 6 week training programme."


Zane Schweitzer -Pro SUP Surfer


"I have been doing traditional training for the last few years.  But using Biodynamic Training Method for the last months has gotten me to levels I have never expected to go.  "


"I feel more focused, stronger and I am not getting as sore doing big work outs.  My body feels like it has doubled in all fields. Stoked to be working with this incredible training!"


Connor Baxter  - SUP World Champion 2013/14/15

"Biodynamic Training Method not only strengthened my body quickly, but it sharpened me and my body recovered fast. 


It's almost one of those products that is too good to be true - but it's not!  It's really, really good.  I love it!"

Sean Poynter- Surf SUP World Champion 2013, 2015

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I took Gold today


So I don't think this would have been possible without you guys.. 


This time last year, after 5 heats in the same day I couldn't last the 5th -the final- because I was too worn out. Well.. Not this time around! Instead of being too worn out I surfed one of my best heats of the day and combo'ed all three one my competitors, meaning they needed to new high scores to compete with me. So thank you!! 


I guess that makes another gold med for me.


Thank you so much!! 



Sean Poynter

2015. Mexico, World Championship

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" I have been fortunate enough to have used this technology over the past month and have experienced some of the benefits of this new training. I only wish it had been around when I was competing!"

Barbara Kebdall -Olympic champion

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"I feel re vitalized after using the machine.  I feel that it's helps with the flow of your body. Not only for muscles but everything else seemed to sync up nicely too."

Anna Wilcox

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The 22-year-old narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Olympic slopestyle finals in February but now she is well on the path to recovery she is targeting a medal the 2018 games in South Korea.



Auckland freestyle skier Anna Willcox sustained a significant knee injury which ended her 2014/2015 northern hemisphere season.


Willcox tore ligaments in her knee and needed surgery.  Having tried traditional physiotherapy, she turned to Holistic Training Method to assist and speed her recovery.