The tests have  been with World Champions and beginner SUP athletes  
The goal was to improve good things to become even better!


The intense training camp was from 07. Jan. 2015 to 02. Febr. 2015

The purpose of the test carried out has been to return answer to this question:

The performance of the athletes at what proportion and in what direction changes with the

 Biodynamic Training Method











































Connor Baxter, World Champion 2013, 2014, 2015

Zane Schweitzer, Stand Up Paddle Board rider, 1st place Sapinus

Sean Poynter, 2013, 2015 Surf Stand Up Paddle Board World Champion

Daniel Hasulyo, 2015 Stand Up Paddle Board Champion New Zealand

Bruno Hasulyo, 2015  Fastest Stand Up Paddle Board Champion New Zealand


Is it possible of a good thing to do even better?

BTM measurements with world champions athletes.

Significant results for elite sport.



151% performance improvement over 5 weeks.







The Biodynamic Training Method  activates muscles and other body tissue at a cellular level.


-performance increase occurs because of the use of BTM

-what capabilities

-what rate


While it focuses on what can be achieved for sports people at the peak of fitness, the improvements this training delivers applies to people of any fitness level.

We work with a range of people currently - athletes, those of ordinary physical fitness, people recovering from injury and the elderly who have reduced function simply due to age. All my clients have seen positive improvements in their condition.






Base line masurements were taken at the Spiroergometric Laboratory of the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest.


Blood samples were taken and analyzed for:


I. Lactic Acid level

II. Creatine kinase level


The results showed:


After a strong Cardio Vasc. and Endurance training:


LacticAcid:  before:    1,1

                      after:     2.2


Creatina Kinase:   before:      40 U/L

                              day after :  45.4 U/L




Field Research: AUCKLAND


Five athletes were monitored as they particpated in BTM workouts and changes in their performance measured. 

They used the BTM program 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week for five weeks.

They are athletes who have performed regular cardio workouts for years and, as Stand Up

Paddle Board riders, the also have routine paddle workouts.


No extra weight lifting or gym training was undertaken

during the research period – the only variable element was the addition of BTM.


The physical tests were performed at the beginning and the end of the program period at the Millennium Institute in Auckland.

The “before” measurements were recorded on 07. Jan. 2015 and

 The  “after”   measurements were recorded on 02. Febr. 2015.



1. 30m run

2. Sit-ups, bent, legs hooked, continuous movement

3 .Arm lifting,from deep hold to lateral centerline on hold, with 2kg weight,

    continuous movements

4. Balance exercise, a foot, toe balancing act

5. Cooper running test (12min.), from which can be inferred from the VO2 max.





The results chart a significant performance improvement for all five athletes .

 ( Connor’s results were while carrying a knee injury.)

Subjective evaluation by the athletes found they have never felt so fit, strong and motivated.

The research confirmed the benefit of using Biodynamic Training Method to increase muscle strength, quality and endurance.


The Biodynamic Training Method delivered improved strength, balance and function for elite athletes but this training method can be applied to anyone where the objective is to improve physical fitness, mobility and improved quality of life.