SEPA SUPKids development program

of the future SUPKids trainers

The kids are the future of the SUP!

Kids are made of fine material, so how we start their teaching, is an essential point.

SEPA made a FREE training for future SUPKids coaches. This will be free for 2 coaches /club.

We have created a free SUPKids Development program to help those, who work with children and want to avoid mistakes:

SEPA development program is for educators/ instuctors/ coaches who are working with children.

It is a free, completely non-profit job from us.

2 coaches have the opportunity to participate in the SEPA SUPKids Development training, from every club, from where we get an invitation.

Hello SUP Club around the world! 
We will go to you.

We look forward to your inquiry:
- from groups
- from trainers
- from clubs
- from teachers, trainers, instructors, coaches ......, etc.
who are working with sup-children.

What we are giving to the trainers:

- annual physical development plan specially for SUPKids sport

- we build thematically up, how to practice step by step with children in a playful form

- learn how to see a wrong execution

- we teach you how to correct the mistakes, without compromising the self-confidence of the children .
- we'll teach you about the SEPA Paddle Technique ©
- we teach you how is possible to teach this to the children


We will teach these as well:
- how need and how it possible to develop the sports ability and sport skill
- when and what kind of method need to strengthen the children muscles to avoid the future injuries
- when and what kind of method need accelerate the movement of children avoid the future injuries
- how to build all this step by step     

What else do we offer:
- We can assess all children with the standardized SEPA physical test.
- On request, as part of a group kids program, we can make a recommendations for the physical development of children.

- We do all this free, you only have to pay us, the travel costs.
- a SUP friend's sofa or a guest room of a club house is adequate.

Curriculum Vitae of SEPA Trainer Team:
- 2X Master Degree of Sport Science ( + Physical Education)
- 1X Sport Physiotherapy Master Degree
- 30 years of experience in sports movement education
- 5 years of experience at the highest level of SUP sport
- more World Champion and many happy amateur athletes

Best results of SEPA:

See you soon! 
SEPA Trainer Team