Professional Work at and during the Performance Academy:


  • Physical capacity testing 

  • 3-4x Trainings / DAY – personalized training schedule 

  • Daily evaluation and examination of the training 

  • Setting the HOMEOSTASIS of each athlete

  • Physical and Mental take-care 24/7 

  • Application of the effects of natural forces when it comes to physical andmental load we determine ( therefore there is no overload and injury ) 

  • Based on the Biodynamic Training Method, determine the perfect amount oftraining load for each competitor 

  •  Based on the  BiodynamicTraining Method, project and design micro and macrotraining cycle's for the whole year, focusing on the main events of the season. 

  •  Only athletes who has been participating to the camp(min. 2 week), can thanbe followed through the season.


Program of the training camp:


  • Physical, mental health, physiological test, before the start of training

  • Application of natural forces

  • Determination of the optimal pulse rate 

  • Breathing, drinking, eating science consultation, theoretical education practical guidance, practice 

  • Nutritional advice (what, why, when yes or no) 

  • Drinking advice( what,why, when yes or no ) 

  • Movement teaching

  • Based on individual request( ex.: correct running technique)  

  • Breathing teaching 

  • Improve the posture (ankle, knee, hip, shoulder spine)  

  • Future Body Training 

  • Biodynamic Training

  • Homeostasis training

  • Detox treatment every day 

  • To associate the correct foods (what does and what does not ... acid) 

  • Teaching BIOLOGICAL Personal Care

  • Meridians in the human body-these roles and functionality and disharmony 

  • 7 meridian exercise teaching and practice

  • Moon effect on the human organism - meals and sports activities in harmony with the moon - weight correction using the moon 

  • Interpretation of the monthly lunar calendar, tips for home use. 

  • Examine the harmful habits (lifestyle, sports meal.) Based on individual request 

  • Develop good habits , based on individual request



Conditions of stay during the training camp:


  •  The athletes are accepting not to take any drugs  and doping substances during the period spent at the Performance Academy

  • No cigarets, during the stay 

  • Alcohol can be eventually drunk, the night before the relaxation day (or veryspecial occasions) , but only with limited access. (max 2 beers, or 4dl wine) 

  • The athletes are showing up on time according to training schedule (max +/-5min) 

  • The athletes are following the trainers orders

  • They contribute to keep their living area clean

  • Behave as real-athletes/sportsmen at events

  • Take part of other activities besides training, to help team works and tenhance team mentality (team building)

  • The athletes help each other with sharing personal experience to do better inthe future.

  • All athletes will to take part of this elite training program, has to understand and accept, that in case they won’t respect one of the rules listed above, after 1reclaim, they’ll have to be sent home (on their expenses)

Prize of training camp: 

For induvidual and team price of the training camp, please, contact us to recive a costumized and personal plan.