We may now assume that the greatest potential for enhancing performance in competitive sport lies in regeneration. Active regeneration is almost impossible. Massage, saunas, hot and cold, reduced pressure and the like can be used and tried in this area. But the real revolution would be a system with which you can compensate in only 30 to 60 minutes for the physiological effects of a hard workout or competition. Homeostasis Training offers precisely that!



 Homeostasis: is the inner balance of the body, created by complex biochemical processes, with the direction of the central nervous system.


Professional sport training of the last decades was moved and developed by the increase of power training theories and training methodological studies. Today „everybody knows how to force and load” (PM).The Basic Theory is that only who is sporty, able to exercise well and resistant to big loads can become a professional athlete. (Of course, these conditions are strongly polarized)Technicians and professional trainers are taking advantage of this!


Because of the reasons mentioned above, the athletes are overwhelmed and over-trained.   This moves out the organism from its equilibrium, the homeostasis is damaged!      This fact is evidenced by the amount of injuries, chain damages, tragedy among athletes and the lack of results.Laboratory tests have shown that, already youth aged athletes have severe muscle injuries caused by overloading, which later causes permanent damages.    



It is influenced by:

-  Environmental impacts

-  Nutrition

-  The sleep – awake rhythm

-  Effort – relaxation balance


If any of these items goes be in excess (and professional athletes train a lot for decades), the work of the central nervous system upsets, the body becomes exhausted and it’s no longer able to give its best.


The method we developed, Homeostasis Training, provides solutions to these problems.

It creates the essential basic conditions so that:

-  Training sessions are conducted with efficiency

-  Avoids injuries and accidents

-  The athletes arrive at their TOP condition to the day of competition


By measuring the inner balance of the human organism, we are able to compose a regeneration and rehabilitation program 100% set to the need of each person.

Combining the most advanced technologies of our century,  and Inner Balance Scanner, HomeostasisTraining offers the possibility to bring the body to an ideal balance for all vital functionalities, to then improve the physical state and the performance according to the personal needs. 


Due to this personalized innovative method we can guarantee the desired results of each individual.