Strength ​&​ Endurance Performance Academy (SEPA) in cooperation


SUPBROz has created the world first Scientific Training Methodology based

Training Fin: PUSH

PUSH is the final product of over 3 years of professional work, method development and creative product innovation. 


The SUPBROz, have been using this specific training method, which is part of SEPA's own Theory of Training Load, for many years, uniquely ours but now especially available for you. 


Also, many of the TOP Class Athletes of the World such as Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, most of the cyclers and TriAthlete WorldStars are setting their trainings according to this theory of training load. 


This moved us to create a device, especially focused and developed to enhance the performance of Stand Up Paddle Athletes. 

Each detail is designed to make training simpler, more enjoyable and less stressful. 
What makes PUSH unique, is the focus on the real purpose of performance enhancement. It was build with you and your needs at its core. 


PUSH, the special training fin created by Strength ​&​ Endurance Performance Academy and SUPBROz.  

PUSH allows to maximally optimize the improvement of stamina and endurance during trainings.  
With PUSH we can optimally increase the VO2max and Lactate threshold of the human body.



  • compatible with any board and race board type with US FIN BOX system

  • 5 different training intensity options to increase endurance and stamina, depending on the goal and training level (amateur to professional) 

  • Easy to change load in a few second while training

  • Safe to use 

  • Doesn't effect or disturb Stroke and Paddle Technique 

  • Maximal strengthening of the functional muscle groups

  • Optimal to use in any water condition (Flat Water - Open Ocean) 

  • Easy to Use

  • Easy to Store

  • SEPA, Strength ​&​ Endurance Performance Academy guarantees the right scientific guide to use 

  • 1 Year Warranty