Technical race training plans 

"for the athletes who would like to become faster and more skilled in the technical races" 

SUP technical race training plan, for those who like to practice the technical manoeuvres of sup,

like the turns, beach start ..... etc, and  those who would like to improve their own sup technical elements,

or don't like to train more than 1 hour or don't have more time to do so.

These training sessions, have been built up with very active, effective technical elements, combinations with sprints for the best ability of the sup technical race.

SUP training time /session: max 1hr


  • Perfect preparation for your goal race

  • The amateur training plan is focusing on one single competition

  • Start this training 1-2-3 months before your goal race (select your favorite length of training)

  • You can choose between different lengths of training plans: 1-2-3 months plans

  • The training plan is build according to expectation of special SUP technical race

Please, check the service of the different lengths training plan here:


What to do step by step, to receive the first training plan?

1: choose your training 

2: contact me

3: pay your training in one amount via TransferWise*

4: after the payment, I send you the training plan + SEPA info package


Details of the training plan:

- Special cardio training - on land, 1-3 times a week (running or spinning or elliptic training...etc)    
- Water training, 3-4 times a week      
- Body workout program for land training + stretching, 1-3 times a week.  

+ Info package
- The training plan fits into your daily routine

- The training plan is detailed on daily


You can't ask re-planning the amateur training plan, unless you upgrade to a pro-plan.



1 month (4 weeks) training plan price: 65 -,€

2 months (8 weeks) training plan price: 120 -,€

3 months (12 weeks) training plan price: 150 -,€


For payment please, contact me. Thanks!

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- whole scientific information and tips from SEPA


With your payment, you agree the obligation of confidentiality, you agree not to disclose any program content to third parties during and anytime after the program.
The confidentiality of the course includes all in what is happened between us:                                             
- includes to technical information such as training programs and info package
- training results, 
- training data, and -  mail consultation content, and  
- training plans, in part and in full part.                  
If, you are found to disclose any contents to other people,  such as training programs, SEPA has the right to terminate your training program immediately (regardless of the stage of the training program), the paid fee will not be refunded, and you will not be able to register for the course for the next 5 years.