Technical race training plans 

"for the athletes who would like to become faster and more skilled in the technical race" 

  • Perfect preparation for your goal race

  • The amateur training plan focusing on one single competition

  • But, if you want multi-race amateur training plans, it is also possible*

  • Details of the training plan:

      - Special cardio training - on land

      - Water training

      - Body workout recommendations for land training

      - Nutrition recommendations


  • You can choose between different lengths of training plans: 1-2-3 months plans**


  • The training plan is build according to expectation of special SUP technical race

  • What to do step by step, to receive the first training plan?

      1: please, contact me

     2: choose your training 

     3: pay your training in one amount or via TransferWise

     4: after payment, I send you the personal questionnaire + start package

     5: send me back your personal questionnaire as soon as possible

     6: I'll analyze this, and within 3 days, you will receive your first monthly training plan.


  • The start package include: 

      - physical test presentation
      - explanation how to use the training plan
      - explanation of professional concepts inside the training plan
      - information on how to use your heart rate well, and how to interpret it within the workout

  • The training plan fits into your daily routine, according to your request

  • The training plan is broken down daily


  • If you did the SEPA physical test, and you sent it back me your results, I will mail you an general interpretation key.

  • When, you receive your training plan after common discussion, there no re-planning, unless you upgrade to a pro-plan.

*This means an extra cost addiction of € 10 -, per race based on individual request, but after 5th race is free. So, it is a maximum € 50 -,  extra fee.

**Preparation time before you begin your training plan 5-7 days.
   Please, give yourself this time to preparation, for better results of the future.

1 month (4 weeks) training plan price: 70 -,€

2 months (8 weeks) training plan price: 120 -,€

3 months (12 weeks) training plan price: 150 -,€

For details and payment please, contact me. Thanks!