SEPA Training Workshop options  

for serious amateurs &  begginner groups

To train and train well - between these is a huge difference.

If you do something, do it well!
If you are not a specialist, ask for help.

The SEPA Training Workshop means that we go to your location, and we'll show your group the training method, with which we train our racers.

We show and teach to participants: WHAT, WHY, HOW to train, that they achieve a better personal fitness level, and they be more successful in competitions.
They will be stronger, faster, an​d ​ healthier, and their ​life ​ energy be inexhaustible.

After the SEPA Training Workshop, if would you like, you can choose your training options of SEPA.

The SEPA is working with :
 - 2  highly qualified master trainer


- We had received 3 Master degrees as a PE Teacher and High Quality Trainer, and as Physiotherapist, on the Hungarian University of Sport Sciences, in 1991.

- After many decades of scientific researches and studies, I've created a new training method.


-This is the Biodynamic Training Method.

Biodynamic Training Method has defined itself as the result of an intense scientific research that I’ve been conducting for the past 25 years.


- I focused my attention and my professional work to performance improvement of strength and endurance and special regeneration and rehabilitation techniques applied to elite high performance and amateur athletes.

- This new method has born from a new physiological approach of load on training which can revolutionise the till now used training methodologies. A new direction in high-performance sport and recreational activities.

As a brilliant result of our work: 2x  ISA SUP World Champion  and other very high qualified race results.
Our best results here:


So, the question is:

- Do you know what your current strength and endurance level is?

​- You consciously choose your training, depending on which skill​ and ability​ you want to improve?

​- Do you have any scientific knowledge about why, how and when need to train?

- Do you have any information on how effective your training is?


Well, we will give you answers to these questions!


If you do not want random train but you would like to knowingly do a quality workout,​ ​which is scientifically designed, look at the possibilities here.

The SEPA has established a Training Workshop system for groups and begginners & serious amateur athletes and the group training system.

How does it work, if you choose a group training, after the SEPA training workshop?

- The group jointly buys a workout program, which is then used by everyone as you like.
- Sometimes, members of the group, do the training together, occasionally individually.
It is possible because the load is determined based on the heart rate.

Members of the group can see where they stand.
However, as a result of the workout, everyone is developing, and the results spur the group members, to take the training more seriously,  or else they rest behind.

The members of the group perform the physical test in the first few days.
Need to see the starting point for fitness level.
In comparison, it shows the effect of hardening, and the extent of development.
Of course, if 2-3 months later, it is carrying out the test again.

The group can choose a competition or event every month, to which the training program focuses. ( it's not necessary)

SEPA Training Workshop options : 

I. SEPA Basic Workshop:

II - III. On request, by appointment ...... :)


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